Desserto: In life, there are cacti

The sustainable alternative to leather proposed by Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, 2 Mexican entrepreneurs. They were eager to find a vegan alternative to leather. They had the bright idea of using cactus. The nopal cactus leather is partially biodegradable and can be used in fashion, leather goods and the automotive industry. Cactus leather…


Olivier Chabrol (Syndex): "There is an emergence of societal issues and CSR, particularly in large companies and in the leading companies of the sectors What is Corporate Social Responsibility, commonly known as CSR? Has it been taken into account by companies in recent years or how does it integrate issues related to climate change, to…

Makabu, Leading the way ethically and responsibly

Charly created a few years ago the brand Makabu. The principle of Charly is to give a second life to vintage clothing. He is one of the forerunners in France of the up cycling. His favorite material is the rice bag, which he recycles on his works as well. He explains his approach in an…

Marry me

La bague de Fiançailles: origine non contrôlée “Diamond is Forever” ou Pourquoi la bague de fiancaille est un symbole de la demande en mariage .