David Redon hides behind this instagram pseudo echoing the reminiscence of our dear Latin classes. With a background in graphic arts, he is currently Art Director in the advertising sector for over 10 years. Ads libitum is a subtle detour of the Latin phrase “ad libitum” and a play on words composed of the words ads (advertising) and the word libitum meaning that I like.

His creations provoke the delicate meeting of several disparate universes. With his paw, David reveals his passion for hip hop, pop culture, and the history of advertising. His first creations, follow the listening of the piece “smells like teen spirits” which resounded in his ears like a slogan coming straight from a commercial. It was the trigger, and his first creation is a poster for a perfume. For the lovers of pop or hip hop references, we meet The Dude, a great lover of white russian (The big Lebowski) praising the merits of a brand of vodka or a hijacking of a poster recalling the blaxploitation in the middle of the 70s highlighting Booba. His creations leave a divine smile. The emblematic Snoop Dogg, immortalized in a universe halfway between Marvel and the tales of the crypt, is already worth the detour alone.

infos: http://www.adslibitum.tumblr.com

Contact: davidjuanredon@gmail.com


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