Built by Alstom, this train running in Germany is non-polluting and emits no CO2.

It operates, in a revolutionary way, thanks to a hydrogen fuel cell that produces electrical energy for traction. This “zero-emission” train is low-noise and emits only water vapor and condensed water. Alstom had reached an agreement in 2014 with VMS (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen) regarding the delivery of 29 electric regional trains. Alstom and VMS have just reached an agreement again. The Toulouse-based company will manufacture, deliver and maintain until 2032 eleven Coradia Continental battery electric trains for the Leipzig-Chemnitz line. From 2022, the Netherlands and Belgium could be tempted by this trial. Hydrogen is an alternative that is not yet widely used. Hydrogen consumption represents only 2% of the world’s energy consumption. Sustainable energy is an issue integrated by Alstom, which is investing in the development of green solutions