“Il suffira d’un signe”, as Jean-Jacques Goldman used to sing. Behind this boomer reference totally assumed, in 2020, signs before the race, it’s not as if there hadn’t been any: When you start the year with fires in Australia, strikes in India and the death of Michou. You suspect that your dreams of life as a patachon will be fulfilled. In 2021, with the riots at the capitol on the 6th day of the year, one could easily say that this year is going to be crazy. You have already prepared yourself mentally to receive a call from ET asking you where his house is. But you are seeing changes, a return to values, like the return of the USA in the Paris climate agreement. So, tell me your sign, I will tell you what your good vibrations will be. Why the Chinese horoscope? Because a dragon is slapping! In any case, Happy New Year for the metal buffalo, which made its first appearance to wish us good luck, disguised as Jamiroquai in the Capitol. And this is a sign!

To calculate your Chinese sign, it’s here :
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Your year in every way. No matter what happens, morale will be high. Especially love. Lucky for you, you won’t have a hard time on Tinder like the others. Sex bomb of the zodiac this year! And as Alexis Tolstoi says so well: If you see “buffalo” written on an elephant’s cage, don’t believe your eyes.

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, this year you’ll wear your name well. But you are the optimist of the zodiac and this path, though difficult, will bring you beautiful surprises with a small back of resilience, because as the saying goes: If the goat had a longer tail, it could sweep the stars.

According to the zodiac, Jeff Bezos must be Rat (in every sense of the word) one of the few to have had a good year in 2020. And it’s the same in 2021. But as the proverb says: If the rat has put on panties, it’s the cats who take them off.

Basically, this year is a year rich in encounters. Maybe even true love. We can’t advise you too much to invest in adoptunmec (or sims). full of good vibes this year! As Gaëtan Faucer says so well A snake is an earthworm with ambition.

Well, it won’t be your year or mine. The roller coaster without vodka somehow. But it will be the end of the year in apotheosis because the journey will be done, the lessons learned. Patience.
A year of patience, or your roars will become shy. You will nevertheless have a stability in love that will make you understand that tomorrow is another day. And as the saying goes: It is better to have lived twenty-five days like a tiger than a millennium like a sheep.

This year, you are smiling again. Things are finally getting better in all areas. Bubbles of happiness are appearing. Rarely lucky in the zodiac, this year, enjoy. But don’t forget the proverb: In the ass dance, the hare and the elephant are not partners.

This year, we’re refocusing, we’re making new personal projects, and that feels good. We close the year 2020, and we roll up our sleeves! Don’t ever forget: Paradise air is the air that blows between a horse’s ears.

they say clever as a monkey, and not for nothing! You’re really going to do well! Work level nothing to say! A heart to be taken for some who will be really courted! As Cavanna says: Man is descended from the monkey. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore, God is King-Kong.

Ah! you will be able to sing, not like the cicada, but with pride like any self-respecting rooster. You’re the one with the best finances. Come on, smile. In a relationship with a snake or a dragon, it becomes torrid and solid. But asking a lover to be discreet is asking a rooster not to crow at sunrise.

Lots of love on this year, but the rest will be on break this year, a lot of calm. Faithful to your image you will show tenderness and patience. And as Timsit says it so well When I see the dogs saying hello to each other, I tell myself that in each dog there is surely a proctologist sleeping…

CLEAR. Just quiet and it’s not bad. Pleasure, family, life what. Beautiful as an advertising slogan, it makes you dream! And as Fenelon says The homeland of a pig can be found wherever there’s an acorn.

By Mrs. Irma in her spare time of Feat-y