What if in order to change the world… you first had to change your swimsuit? Le Slip Français markets a collection of 16 swimsuits made from recycled polyamide or polyester. Get your sunglasses and cocktail ready for this colorful tour!

It’s time to get in the water! Summer is coming, and this year more than any other, you have the right to feel beautiful on the beach. If this reconnection to nature includes a good deed, it’s even better. These ECO-RESPONSIBLE SWIMMING TANKS are for everyone and have been designed from different materials.

Recycled plastic waste

Gentlemen, let’s dive into the deep end first with the NEWLIFE™. Here’s to a new life full of freedom, but most importantly, thank the plastic bottles that made these swimsuits possible! They were indeed harvested, cleaned, shredded and then melted into pellets, before being spun and woven. A meticulous work that has resulted in colorful, original, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly swimwear.

LE SLIP FRANÇAIS had fun with the theme of the sea and tests your general culture on the subject! The Captain is both a leader and a classic, since it uses the codes of the iconic swimsuit of the brand. Fans of the “sport” cut may well hesitate between the Belem or the Esquif. Between mimosa yellow and iguana green, it’s up to you to choose the color (or the boat…) you prefer!

If you swim like a fish in water, the Triton could be for you. Its tricolored colors also make it a classic of the brand! Finally, hoist the sail for the Artimon if vacations in Hawaii tempt you…

A second life for fabrics

Ladies, you know as well as we do that recycling is not the end of the world. Good news, Q-NOVA® products come directly from production scraps collected in workshops. Forget the trash can! These pieces of fabric are now recovered to create new yarns, which are then knitted.

The Lame et Onde set will allow you to be in perfect harmony with the elements of nature. Daughter of the oceans, the Hera one-piece swimsuit will be ideal for you. Enjoy your vacation and laugh at the wrath of Zeus (you’ll be right)! Plus, the V-neckline in the front and U-neckline in the back will ensure comfort and support for all.

Ready for an adventure?

If you’re feeling like an Odysseus, you might be tempted by Epopee, the infinitely recyclable swim shorts. A model created in partnership with the French jeans brand 1083, and designed from plastic waste from the oceans. These are first recycled, then transformed into SEAQUAL™ yarn. Once woven and then made, the swim shorts then spend a long life by your side.

When it is too worn or damaged, simply return it to the 1083 store. It will be recycled again to produce another model. It’s magical! Good to know: 10 euros of its selling price correspond to the deposit you could get back by returning your jersey.

A turn towards eco-design

Since its creation in 2011, the underwear and ready-to-wear brand Le Slip Français is committed to reinventing fashion and the textile industry. It shouts Cocorico right down to its famous logo, circled with tricolored colors. A local anchoring made possible thanks to 29 partner manufacturers, located everywhere in France, and less than 250 km from your home. Eight of them are certified “Origine France Garantie”, and eight others are “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”.

For two years now, Le Slip Français has focused on projects using sustainable, local or recycled materials. The ambition of its founder Guillaume Gibault is to maintain the course on eco-design and sustainability of products. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of production and improve the quality of the articles. For example, all swimwear will be replaced by recycled models.

In addition, 60% of the products in the PE21 collection (with the exception of permanent products) are made from eco-designed materials. These materials can be bio-centric (organically grown cotton and wool and lyocell), recycled (recycled polyamide and polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool) or local (linen, French wool and reclaimed materials).

This new page will be a lasting one! The company is now recognized as a “company with a mission”. It owes this quality to the social, societal and environmental values it defends.