Mental health at work and Covid: Analyze with the pamplemousse firm

Since March 2020, Santé France has launched the Coviprev survey in order to monitor the behaviors of the French population in relation to Covid. The survey reveals in March 2021 alarming figures concerning the psychological well-being of the French. 20% of French people suffer from a depressive state, which is 10% more than the usual level, which has remained constant for years.

With eiver, be rewarded for your eco-driving!

Imagine driving with a little Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder. That's what the mobile app eiver, launched in June 2019, offers. The principle is simple: the less you accelerate, the less you decelerate, and the more points you get! Points that turn into gifts from around thirty eco-responsible, digital partners, or those linked to the…

Carbiolice: From plastic to compost

Plastic is a material with multiple uses for the human species but whose slow decomposition and low recycling capacity are sources of huge pollution. In order to remedy this situation, the Carbiolice company wants to propose an additive allowing to transform the plastic of vegetable origin into compost, in order to make it biodegradable. Nevertheless,…

A French group at the top of the most sustainable companies 2021

The Canadian website, Corporate Knights,"The Voice of Clean Capitalism", compiles an annual ranking of the most sustainable companies. Corporate Knights Inc. includes theCorporate Knightssustainability magazine and a research division that produces rankings and assessments of financial products based on corporate sustainability performance. At a time when the carbon footprint is the major concern of global…

The Green Mattress: A promise of dreams of a new era

Finding a good mattress may seem easy. However, finding a good, environmentally friendly mattress in an affordable price range is another matter. Feat-y spoke to Larick Cartron, a committed designer and green mattress enthusiast, who has risen to this challenge with flying colors. Interview

With Poulehouse, who eats an egg saves a chicken!

At Feat-Y, we still don't know who came first between the egg and the hen. However, we are very sensitive to animal welfare. This is why we are introducing Poulehouse, a new way of producing eggs that is new in France: thanks to the kindness of its founders, Fabien Sauleman, Sébastien Neusch and Élodie Pellegrain,…

Selection Change Now 2021: Opopop Reusable Packaging

Si le e-commerce a pris de l’importance ces dernières années, y compris dans le contexte sanitaire, les déchets qui en découlent suivent une trajectoire similaire. C’est pour remédier à cette problématique que la société Opopop propose auprès des commerçants en ligne ses services en matière de colis réutilisables