In the bend of a coffee, Hugo reveals this desire to create a virtuous circle behind the creation of couine Cochon, a brand of liqueur made in Perche, one year ago. It is above all a collective and human adventure carried by Hugo. 

The goal: To fight against the anti-waste and to revitalize again its native perch by creating events thanks to the profits generated on the sales

For the record, he has been collecting unused fruit from neighboring orchards and turning it into liqueur for years. This gustatory sharing between friends takes another turn, when they incite Hugo to transform this knowledge into a brand.

The anti-waste, he has been practicing it for a long time. And even if he didn’t have the idea of creating his brand at the beginning. The opportunity to bring life back to the world through this creation seemed obvious to him.

Behind Couine cochon, Hugo wishes above all to recreate the social link, employment, in short to revitalize the perch.

Eventually, the range will be extended with compotes, juices, also the idea of creating a franchise thereafter by respecting the idea of short circuit.