Smells from my coffee tickle my nostrils and extend their action to my zygomatic. A morning smile appears on my face.

I must say, it’s a rare smile. No sip of this divine elixir has yet crossed my lips.

At the same time, my left hand clutches my cup, while my right hand turns on my phone. A harmless gesture in these days. I feel the emptiness and inertia of my discovery of the front pages of the daily newspapers. My thoughts let me glimpse an artist’s drawing that reflects the current world.

My smile vanishes

I belong to those people who once thought: “Someone else will do it for me”. The shame and disgust leaves a putrid taste in my mouth.

It was on this very day that I made the decision to take any action. There are many choices in life, each man has his own free will. Atony or movement?

Rosa parks chose the movement, the butterfly effect of her act, far from being insignificant, led to the end of racial segregation.

I chose to give voice to the women and men who are the world of tomorrow. Man is far from being a tardigrade, and without a drastic awareness, his future will not need a fortune teller to be guessed.

Il est temps de changer tout cela.

Time for a change.