At the origin of the Bordeaux brand, you will find Nawal, Franco-Canadian and François, Franco-American.
The brand, is in their invigorating and sparkling image. Behind the beginnings of So kombucha, there is a family history.
Their respective families in Montreal and New York, who drink it regularly, introduced them to it. They immediately fell in love with this surprisingly sparkling drink.
In creating their brand, they wanted to make a positive impact in every way. So kombucha is 100 % green and feat-y is loved.
It is 100% organic and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

In North America, kombucha has become widely available in recent years.
What is kombucha? It is simply an ultra healthy bushel made from tea. But beware, it is not the umpteenth tea drink on the market. It is THE DRINK.
Why, you tell me. What I would answer you simply: it is refreshing, original but above all contains probiotics that promote digestion and strengthen the immune system.
In short, two actions for the price of one: antioxidant and detoxifying.
We prefer So kombucha with ginger and citrus taste.
In the end, already an aficionado of probiotics like Halle Berry, we totally adhere to this current drink with a So chic design.

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