Generating pleasure with local and responsible consumption is the proposal of Bistro Brute, the new platform created for the disciples of Epicure and Dionysus by Gurwan Legouil.

Gurwan, a true epicurean, explains to us, with passion, the path that led him to the creation of this platform.
It all began 20 years ago when he became aware of the need to combine his professional activities with his convictions. He will then make the words responsible and organic part of his credo long before the current trends.

From conviction to practice

Its foundation stone towards a greener world was laid in the form of an innovative restoration concept a few years ago.

He created the bistro brute, a Locavore restaurant with a bistronomic cuisine, which combines a responsible approach to the boutiste. From the plate to the very components of the place, everything is thought out in a responsible way (even the electricity).

Today, back in his native Brittany, he brings out a new concept always in the same vein.

The words meaning and epicureanism being primordial in his way of apprehending a concept.

“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation”.

An epicu-responsible proposal

Bistro brute becomes a creator of taste sensation. Through its online platform, it advises, makes discover different natural wines and thus producers on a human scale.

The concept is simple: he selects a winery every week with a recommendation on a red and a white wine labeled “vin rouge” and “vin blanc”.

In this concept, everything is thought out and maximized in order to reduce the carbon impact.

Indeed, as the wine goes directly from the producer to the customer, its selection does not follow the usual route of delivery.

We aim to return to responsible consumption with the emphasis on pleasure and sharing.

Recover from human

For Gurwan “Mass trade is massive for everything. And from now on, we need this proximity, producers on a human scale whatever the field. It is important for the social fabric. I have the impression that today, there is a will to reconnect with reality.

For him, exploration is a true happiness. We can feel in each of his words and explanations a deep desire to create a link, to give value, to be consistent with his ecological approach.

Bistro Brute is the new online cellar address to discover à découvrir

“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation”.

Article by ATLD

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“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation”.