Bordeaux, the anticafé between the 2 lockdowns

My eyes always wander when my brain is in turmoil.

My thoughts lead me to put my eyes on a painting whose artist is Waroox.

Instantly, I am invaded by images of the world before. His works splash the greyness of this new world with freedom and life.

I wonder what personality is behind this work. I decide to meet him.

The meeting takes place in the same place
When he walks in the door, I realize that Waroox is just like his works: sunny, full of good vibes and life.
He tells me during our exchange that he is a child of graffiti. His playground was for years the street, on the island that rocked his childhood, Reunion Island.
Everything changes for him, one morning during a walk, he falls face to face with graffiti artists finishing a fresco. It is the revelation. The street will be his medium to give free rein to his artistic expression.

His technique is refined and transformed through his various design courses in Australia.
At the time of his first collective exhibition “steal in the street”, he does not feel legitimate yet. Yet his style was already present.
He decided to try his luck in Paris. He exhibited at the Batofar and then at the Halle Saint Pierre, two artistic references.
Then he went to Dubai where he had a first exhibition which was not conclusive. It is really during the street art Dubai that everything starts and that he obtains for the medium of the art his status of artist.
He chose to migrate to Bordeaux for personal reasons.
His life until covid 19 was mainly composed of discoveries and travels. He did residencies all over Europe.
Despite the circumstances, 2020 was his year from an artistic and human point of view.
His vision of the art world is of a lightning lucidity. He knows full well that the name of artist is only given to those who have become bankable
His style is linked to his way of building himself as a human being. It is his way to express himself, to write. It’s his way of imagining the world with great colors and engaging his opinions.
Waarox is the very definition of an artist, very humble, committed, optimistic. And in these times, it feels good.




By Atld