Marine Serre presented yesterday its new Core collection. This collection, more intimate, is marked by a reflection on time, whether present or future. Marine Serre has chosen to express its creative process, this time, on 3 distinct mediums, inseparable from each other, true ode to transformation and rebirth. This futuristic trinity is composed of a limited edition book, a documentary and the ready-to-wear collection, a true reflection of the aesthetics and ethics of the brand.

Marine Serre since 2017 is the “phoenix” of fashion. It gives life back to clothing, magnifies it. This time, she shares with us the journey, the reconstruction of these fabrics. The one who dresses us, gets naked, with modesty and authenticity. Always present and shining, the moon, the guiding thread of the Marine Serre collections, guides us through this dreamed life told to us by its muses and its tribe. Resilience, Hope, Love, these 3 words represent the other trinity emanating from each piece of fabric in this collection.

“Core is a love letter to all those who feel lost in a secluded world. This year we have found strength in our roots, and imagination as a force for transformation. ” Marine Serre

By Atdl