MR PORTER, the award-winning and committed men’s apparel site, launches its high jewelry campaign on October 22, featuring 14 brands, including 12 pieces totally exclusive to MR PORTER from Elhanati, Suzanne Kalan, MAOR, Shaun Leane, Duffy Jewellery and LAUD.

Los Angeles-based jewelry brands Jacquie Aiche and HOORSENBUHS, both focused on artisanal techniques, enter MR PORTER and Repossi, a fine Italian jewelry house with timeless and fashion-forward pieces.

Since launching in 2011, MR PORTER’s award-winning site has grown to become the global leader in Men’s Online Fashion offering an unparalleled range of items: the best of ready-to-wear alongside luxury brands and available categories range from fine watches to lifestyle to own brands, Mr. P. and Kingsman.

MR PORTER has founded MR PORTER Health In Mind, a fundraising and content creation initiative in collaboration with Movember, to raise awareness about men’s mental and physical health.