Year of metal rat

The Year of the Rat: Like the Rat, 2020 will be a passionate year.

Sign by Sign, our prédictions.( Counting on your sense of humour)

To find your sign is here:

Signe du Rat: Ecoutez-vous et suivez vos envies profondes. Devise “Im free”

It’s the rat sign’s native year, with a beautiful, warm cycle. It’s going to be a caliente year, an overflow of good luck at 100 miles an hour. You turn your Pierre Richard side into The Man Who Was Worth Three Billion. In short, as the Mauritanian proverb says, “Luck only smiles on those who have it.”

Beef sign: We’re getting rid of the bad vibes. Motto: “Believe in yourself”

Doors that have been closed will be able to open. And as JCVD says so well: “The human being is so used to talking and looking, from time to time people who are blind are more aware than people who see, because they are obliged to feel the sensations, the people they don’t like, they like, and the objects that are, and one is aware”.

Sign of the Tiger: It’s going to purr in the thatched cottages. Motto: “Let’s fall in love.

Cupid’s gonna throw a javelin right through your heart. Realization of project(s) as a couple, when you’re single, even if you don’t want to, you’ll be full of love. This year’s Zodiac coil is heating up your Marvin Gaye playlist

Rabbit sign: Work pays. Motto: “No pain no Gain.”

You haven’t been working in vain these last few years. As McSolaar says, “He who sows the wind, reaps the tempo. And you sowed well. It’s time to reap. Businessman of the zodiac. Year of professional success. Please don’t model yourself after Jeff Bezos.

Dragon sign: Calm fire. Motto: “Dear stress, our story ends here.

But then,” says Alice, “if the world makes no sense at all, who’s to stop us from inventing one? (Alice in Wonderland). Fun, lightness but… serenity and responsibility.” You know what, you’re happy” as Droopy, calm and relaxed. And for you, that’s what we call luxury.

Signe du serpent : Mutation en cours . Devise : “Je serai ce que je veux être”

We’re looking for each other, and we’re pushing each other, but then not at all like usual. “Punk is not dead” in your head. This year, we try, and we find each other. A year similar to the 13th card of the tarot de Marseille (this sentence is there to make like, don’t look). We change everything and start again on a healthy basis. As the famous proverb says: “change the goat, make the goat look good”.

Horse sign: Work is good for your health. Motto: “it works for me”

You’re the hard worker at the zodiac this year. This year, sorry, you’re doing the work to reap later. I know, it’s not funny. But this kind of year, all signs are entitled to it (it was last year and I’m not bitching). On the other hand, the funky side, you work and you don’t have time to settle down. Your seduction potential is at its peak. You turn into Paul Newman or Elisabeth Taylor (it’s the fashion of vintage references, eh oh). Enjoy.

Sign of the goat: The Lone Rider. Motto: “All by myself”

Quiet year. No hustle and bustle or storm. Focus on yourself. Despite your “being alone in the world” impressions, you’re not. Open your eyes and close your brain at times. Year of maximum adjustment. As the Shadocks say, “It’s better to mobilize your intelligence on crap than mobilize your crap on smart things.”

Sign of the monkey: the Epicurean of the zodiac. Motto: “My eyes are wide open”.

Let’s keep it simple. All areas are working this year. Find your dream person, live your dream. Anything’s possible. This year for you “the impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion”, says Muhammad Ali. You are the winner of the zodiac. Lucky You

Rooster sign: Ying and Yang. Motto: “I’am beautiful”

You’ll feel like you’re in the last episode of GOT for the first half of the year. But that London Fog will wear off in the second half of the year. The money’s on your sign. And you’re going to invest it. And as JCVD would say: I love peanuts. You drink a beer and you’re sick of the taste. So you eat peanuts. Peanuts are sweet and salty, strong and tender, like a woman. Eating peanuts, it’s a really strong feeling. And then you feel like drinking beer again. Peanuts are the perpetual motion within a man’s reach. Nothing to see but it makes me laugh

Dog sign: Olympus hold on tight. Motto: “Free from desire”

This year, Aladdin has you at the right place. One wish here, another there. If you don’t know what to wish for, I have a suggestion. I must say that you are nice and benevolent. No work, no sleep, no subway (even if it works). Great love, challenge and achievement. Little advice: Why play so many notes when there are so many beautiful ones? Miles Davis

Sign of the pig: Lao Tzu incarnate Motto: “Love me tender”

The counselor of the zodiac. Everybody wants your opinion and listens to you. Nice to feel like Huggy the Pipe. But you’re gonna want to refocus later this year. You’re going to have some rock n’ roll and rewarding encounters and a professional elevation is in the offing. As Lao Tzu says When the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger. You’re going to think a lot this year about that sentence. But your benevolence will pay off.