What if we really mobilized to change our consumption patterns?

Today, the eco-friendly person is no longer a remote person living in the countryside without electricity. No, 9+ today, the ecologist’ who takes care of the planet: it’s you, it’s me, and it’s, perhaps, also your neighbor.

These Instagram accounts shout it loud and clear. They are born and attract more and more attention. Why is this? Because they use new codes, those of humor and self-mockery.

If you don’t know them yet, you’ll love them!

Feat-y went in search of these new content creators who are mobilizing to change our consumption patterns..

1. A gif is worth a thousand words

Marco.poischiche is vegan. Although we don’t all follow a diet, Marco informs us, sometimes with a lot of humour, about the positive impacts that stopping the consumption of meat, milk or eggs could have…

The messages go over quite well, even for a carnivore. It’s always something to consider, and then in humor and kindness, it doesn’t hurt.

2. Laughing at everything, especially if it can change our lives.

Still recent, this account hasn’t fallen off our radar.

Ecolo Mon Cul, managed by Pierre Rouvière, eco-designer, is a mine of information! The real added value of this account is its ability to adapt the content and the eco-responsible approach with today’s society. Pierre invites to debate on the environmental impact of two very similar utility objects such as the electric scooter in free access and the car. You may also appreciate his post “Black Friday Special Edition” entitled: “How to take Amazon down in 3 clicks? ».

3. Looking for good news?

For a dose of positivity, theLes Belles Nouvelles account gives you an appointment. Once a day, the Instagram account publishes great news for the planet. The profile already has 113K subscribers!

4. Acting together

Make Sense Fr is mobilizing for a more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive world. The Instagram account is full of challenges and ideas to help build a new society. Make Sense Fr shares actions adapted to everyone: recontact your favorite teacher, buy products with an expiration date, try meditation or donate your hair to an association. In addition, the account raises awareness with simple computer graphics on sexism (1 out of 5 students say they are victims of sexism at school) and on ecology (In 2019, Greenpeace reported a 17% increase in the number of fires).

5. Ecology is for All

Vert Chez Vous is Swann Perisse’s crazy project. His motto? Lipstick and hiking shoes. His account is filled with mini tutos, in the form of IGTVs of less than 4 minutes, to familiarize himself with DIY, zero waste or solar panels. Difficult to say more at the moment, the account is also recent but already has more than 8,500 subscribers.

6. Bonus: So that you don’t starve to death even if you are vegan.

It’s kind of the icing on the cake, vegan the cake.

Accidentally Veganshares all food products or not that are not of animal origin and available in France.

And there are a lot of them!

Through Christmas pastries, laundry, cheese and rillette, Accidentally Vegan shows that it is possible to eat something other than seeds.

Well, now all that’s left to do is to taste!

Alicia Delambre