Judith De Leeuw : A flying Dutchwoman as an artist and a rebel

Suspended in the air, protected on her lifting platform, the street artist Judith De Leeuw, started aerosol cans at the age of 15 as a rebel on the street and quickly became a well-known artist receiving in 2017 the Dutch Street Art Award.  She travels worldwide to realize large scale murals in Europe, Asia, United…

Mecavolic: A nice voice under a big hat

Le confinement a profité à Tata Yoyo. L’artiste Mecavolic a réussi à sublimer l’essence même du célèbre titre comique d’Annie Cordy par une réinterprétation vocale et sonore toute en mesure et subtilité

Zak Eazy: An alternative reality

Zak easy, brings us a pause key in a sometimes harsh reality. His illustrations take us into a chimerical world that each of us could have fantasized about. He unveils a nature that takes its place in every piece of urbanity. Some see it as an apocalyptic world, others as an idyllic world. The most…

TUCO: Gadamn

Tuco: "I consider this project as a business card." How can you take a retrospective look at your life in music? That's what Tuco set out to do with his latest album Gadamn, released at the end of February. A benevolently tinged return to his beginnings, when he was called Natty Boss, and the desire…