Feat-Y s'associe à Zeste Zeste par la Nef et Feat-y s'associent pour mettre en lumière de formidables projets qui font la différence. Projets locaux ou nationaux, ils ont en commun des valeurs fortes, la volonté de mettre l'écologie et l'humain au centre de leurs activités et d'avoir lancer une campagne de financement participatif sur Zeste. Zeste est la plateforme de crowdfunding* de la Nef, pionnière de la finance éthique en France. Découvrez les interviews menées par Feat-y sur une sélection de projets Zeste... * Financement participatif Découvrir tous les projets Zeste Plus d'infos sur Zeste

La Grange, a new place to live in Larchant!

It seems that it's when we don't have anything anymore that we miss it... For a year, we have missed the conviviality of bars and cafés. Yes yes, even if Thierry speaks too loudly, and even if Justine tells incessantly anecdotes already heard too much. The human contact is also very important in the small…

Discovering responsible shopping in Paris

After a first edition in 2019, the start-up La Belle Empreinte is publishing a new Guide to responsible shopping in Paris. Inside, more than 500 addresses, interviews and tips for your daily life.

Bis: a second life for paper

Giving a second life to paper, especially newsprint, is the goal Karin Chiron set herself when she founded BIS, a company that produces bags from recycled paper. In this interview with Feat-Y, she highlights the work done by the students of the BTS CRSA of the Pasquet high school in Arles to develop the machine…

Alzheimer’s: The solidarity alternative of the House of Elders

Frequently associated with memory loss or a state of dementia, the disease, first identified in 1901 by Alois Alzheimer, also alters the physical condition and quality of life of Alzheimer's patients. The repercussions are often unknown and as a result the disease is, in a majority of cases, poorly managed. Alzheimer's patients experience an alteration…

The alternative oven: towards a dream of authentic bread

Sébastien Benati: "If I'm committed to an alternative approach, it's not to return to a capitalist model. Leaving a productivist bakery to return to a traditional and ecological bakery, this is the challenge that Sébastien Benati has set himself through his project Le Four alternatif, whose production he hopes to be able to launch next…

L’Alterrecho, a future inclusive school in Cagnes-sur-Mer

The Happy Hand association nourishes the wish for a school in Cagnes-sur-Mer. This project, thought over for more than 4 years, is beginning to take shape, with the signature of a loan right for use and the first works carried out on site. Today, volunteers and members need financial support to bring their ideas to fruition.

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